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Q1  2024 Workplace Trends Report: attract top talent

Trends 2024 eBook Revised Landing Page

Uncover the latest HR trends in work-life balance, employee well-being and social connection to help your organization thrive

Stay ahead of your competitors and create a better workplace culture with insights from Circles' thought leaders, experts from our parent company, Sodexo, and hundreds of client partners.

Our 47-page research report covers a range of trending topics every business leader and HR practitioner needs to know, including how to: 

  • Create employee-centric strategies to position your company as choice for top talent
  • Build your employer brand to attract top talent even in highly competitive industries
  • Optimize hybrid work for your organization
  • Explore work-life balance strategies that drive employee engagement and increase productivity
  • Deliver the latest in lifestyle benefits that will attract and retain top talent
  • Use tech and automation in your company to drive smarter business decisions

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